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Building Apache Tomcat 8

Apache tomcat is a well known web server among JavaEE developers. Lot of user's tend to download the binary distributions. But if you are interested in building tomcat from the source code then you have visited the right place. Enough chit-chat let's dive in. Requirements JDK 1.7 - Download JDK 1.7 Apache Ant 1.9.5 or later version - Download Apache Ant Tomcat 8 source code  - Download source code   Lets get started! Setting up JDK 1.7   First of all you need to install JDK and set up the environment variable JAVA_HOME. I'm assuming that you might have already done this. If not there are web sites that teaches you this step. Once you have  the next step is setting up Apache Ant.  Apache Ant (Another Neat Tool) Since we don't come across tools like Apache Ant I'll give you a brief description what it is. Apache ant is a build tool developed by James Duncan Davidson. It was developed as a solution to problems and compatibility in A