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DDoS and DoS Attacks and Tools - Part 2

In this we will go through the rest of the DoS attack types from the previous blog post. I n the latter part we will get to know few infamous DoS attack tools. Please note that how you use these is at you own risk and make sure you always adhere to laws from your governing body. Attacks Targeting Server Resources  In this type attacks the attacker will try to use as mush as server resources so that the server can't handle legitimate requests any more. This type of attacks will target servers memory, buffers and other resources. Attacker will exploit a weakness in communication protocol. There are attacks in this category which can result server to crash or otherwise require a manual reboot to come alive again. Server can be normal server or a state-full device like firewall or intrusion-detection system.  TCP/IP Weakness This is a connection-oriented protocol. One of main consents behind this protocol is that the three way handshake. which uses flag bits in

DDoS and DoS Attacks and Tools - Part 1

Note: Following Content is only for educational and White Hat security purposes . History of DOS Attackers Back in 1974, a teenager named David Dennis created the first ever DoS attack. This student was a student at University High School, located across the street from thr University of Illinois at Urbana. He came to know about a command that could be run on PLATO terminals which was used at the Computer Based Learning Center (CERL) of University of Illinois. He was curious and wondered what will happen if a room full of people executed a command of PLATO terminal. When he wrote a program and executed he found out that his program has forced all 31 computers of the  CERL to turned off! After that DoS attacks has spread and DDoS, a new and powerful variant of DoS came in to play. Below are some noted cyber attacks from 1988 to near 2014.from year 2000 DDoS Tools were used for the attacks most of the time. The attacks were in scales from Small tickles to Geo-Political even